Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I turned 26 today. I tried to pretend that it's'another' milestone in my life,but hell,who am I trying to fool here! It's just as non-descript a milestone as my 25th was. Come to think of it, nothing has changed in the last year,except maybe that I have a few thousand lesser strands of hair on my head; and while last year I was making cheap software for the Germans, this year I'm making cheap software for the Americans. Boy,find a life that's more ordinary than this. It's really depressing ! Sometimes it's almost like there's no point in continuing living. I even took the 'Gloomy Sunday'test. I listened to 14 different versions of the song, but none of them made me suicidal. So I figured there's still something ticking in me!

My girlfriend's enthusiasm for MY birthday continues to baffle me. She wanted to "so badly meet me". She skipped some hours at work, negotiated the cruel evening traffic on the roads of Koramangala and made it our rendezvous point. And I know the weeks of preparation she put into this; thinking about the right gift and card, thinking about how she will surprise me this time. It's inexplicable, and what's worse, now I'm obliged to reciprocate the enthusiasm on her birthday! :-).


Crazyrabbit said...


Crazyrabbit said...

that's because she wanted to make you feel special! :)