Thursday, December 02, 2004

Silk board kites

There's a tree next to the Silk board flyover that has a dozen or more Brahminy kites sunbathing on it's branches every morning. Beautiful birds! And they seem so near. Perfect for a little bird photography, I think. So I skip a couple of hours of sleep in the morning, ride my bike through the chill, and reach the flyover by half past seven. I stop my bike on the edge of the flyover and get my camera out. Despite the early hour, the traffic is almost to the capacity of the road. I realise it's difficult to steady your camera and to focus on just the birds when there are noisy trucks whizzing past a few feet behind you. The photos turn out hopeless.

Yeah,ok! This is a boring journal entry. I'm not Doogie Howser! I don't have a team of last-word freaks working for me pumping out crispy sound bites day after day.

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