Wednesday, July 27, 2011

D*** of the month: Yeddy!

A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I were enumerating reasons that would rule us out if we were ever to try running for an elected office. We considered the skeletons in the cupboard that won't hold up well to scrutiny, inability to be diplomatic, hesitation to make the hard compromises that comes with politics, and many others. Apart from those, my blog would be an embarrassment too. I would never be able to offer a dignified justification for the name-calling I've indulged in in my posts, especially in those posts where I flippantly call politicians dorks. As I grow older I've been embarrassed about those posts and have even wanted to go back and edit them out.

However, every now and then, there comes a politician so brazen and thick-skinned, that no amount of french is unjustified. Our chief minister, Yeddyurappa, has been facilitating looting of our mining resources, has looked the other way when there were attacks on religious minorities, has done nothing about encroachment...not unlike other politicians of my state, you would say. But he's made a fool of himself, like when he put out an ad inviting his adversary to testify against him in a freakin' temple. And now, faced with incriminating evidence against him, instead of stepping down and allowing the investigation to happen, he said "All our all India leaders are with us. All our MLAs are with us. And the question of my resignation does not arise,". It's a uniquely Indian idiosyncrasy to think that a politician is answerable to his stooges and/or to his high command. For not knowing that his primary accountability is to the people, Yeddy is not just the D*** of the month, but for his consistent shamelessness he gets a free pass into the hall of fame too.


vineet vinod said...
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vineet vinod said...

That's because all we can do is wait for him to step down. There has to be a direct and transparent means of communication for us to ask him or anyone to step down. It's almost a celebration for a lot of us when we hear him saying that he'd step down. We were so desperate yet could only wait.