Sunday, December 05, 2004

Still obsessed with Miller

"When I think of New York I have a very different feeling. New york makes even a rich man feel his unimportance. New York is cold,glittering, malign. The buildings dominate. There is a sort of atomic frenzy to the activity going on; the more furious the pace, the more diminished the spirit. A constant ferment, but it might just as well be going on in a test tube. Nobody knows what it's all about. Nobody directs the energy. STupendous. Bizarre. Baffling. A tremendous reactive urge, but absolutely uncoordinated."

He could have very well been talking about Bangalore. And no more is the frenzy more visible than on Hosur Road. With all the Computer Engineers driving into their cubbyholes. Most of them with bloated egos. Fed on compliments served by their kin with small expectations. "He's the first in the family to leave the shores of this country". "He earns more than his dad". "He owns a flat already". And each looking for contentment in the meaningless shit they do for ten hours a day. "Systems programming is my passion". "We provide support to almost all the fortune 500 companies"."We made the world's smallest projector". Unfortunately for me, unlike the management of my company have me believe they do, I don't share the enthusiasm for the firm's vision; to make enterprise mobility ubiquitous. Why the hell are we so keen on complicating our lives?

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