Sunday, August 21, 2005

We must be the homesickest race!

The guy gives me a stare that I can understand. It’s a loaded stare; it is saying “You are Indian, I am Indian. We should socialize.” My response is to bury my head deeper into my laptop, put on a well rehearsed frown and respond with a look that says “There are a billion other Indians. Go find someone else”. The guy looks like he can solve a 4th order quadratic equation mentally, but obviously taking a hint is not one of his strong points. He approaches me and gives me the standard opener “Bangalore?”. Do you think so? Indian guy with a laptop- What are the odds? It’s time to check in and we stand in the queue together. So I begin reconciling with my destiny. I will be stuck with this guy for the rest of the flight discussing how Cisco’s IP strategy completely destroyed ATM technology. I reach the counter and the lady asks me “There’s just one seat left next to the emergency exit. Do you want it?”. I’ll take it ma’am. Emergency exit!!…ah There’s never a bad time for some humour.


Jax said...

Hahahah!! The champagne/wine they give in international flights comes quite handy when
you just want to get yourself drunk to sleep, with such morons around.

Jax said...

Or come to think of it, you were his 'single-use partner'. You could have showed him a thing
or two about making napalm with orange juice concentrate and impressed him!

Deepak said...

The asses at delta charge 5$ for alcohol! :-(