Thursday, June 01, 2006

Democracy ,eh?

They call my country a flawed democracy. Flawed? Aint it more like 'defunct'?

Reservations for the OBCs
Does anyone remember Rajiv Goswami? He made it to the front pages of every newspaper back in the 90s. Now he is reduced to a nice trivia that's thrown around in quiz competitions( Just out of curiosity I googled his name and found out that he died at 33, and he was jobless at the time.)
This time too, the goswamis will fight a spirited fight, but this time too they will lose. Government endorsed racism will continue. It's disheartening. We are not close to solving the caste problem, we are in fact in the process of making the boundaries clearer and the divides wider. There's something else that I find equally vile. There are people, some in my family too, who firmly believe in the caste system for all purposes, take very seriously their upper-class status afforded them by an accident of birth, but are opposed to the reservation issue only because they are disadvantaged by it.

We are proud of the riots. Of the dam too.
Gujarat bans a movie because an actor expressed an opinion. Who's in power there, Parthiv Patel? Reminds me of a rich kid in school who used to deny us access to his video games if we said anything that he didn't like to hear.

Oru Kutrapatrikai
Tamil Nadu bans the Da Vinci Code because they (some asslickers in power) felt it would hurt the sentiments of the "minority". I'll let AB, who happens to be a christian, have the last word "If your faith is fragile enough to be shaken by a badly written novel, then what's the point in having it?"


L*J said...

Hey may I know how much percentage of the OBC reservation is reserved for women, children, handicap and elderly, because they ARE the oppressed among the oppressed? Probably not children because they cant vote yet!

Anu said...

You may be interested to know, Rajiv Goswami's mother came all the way from the US to talk to the students protesting in India, to tell them not to take too drastic steps like her son did. She told them that apart from their own families which will suffer needlessly, no one will be affected. I forgot where I read it, or I would have given the link.

Kavs said...

Even AP banned the Da Vinci Code. Too bad. I think ours' is the biggest mockery of democarcy ever.