Thursday, July 13, 2006

The cup

Now is there ANYTHING left unsaid about the famous headbutt.
There are even those who appreciated the aesthetics of the act but mostly, there are people who are sad that their hero fell from grace and ask "why? Zidane why?". There are others who volunteer an answer. The fanciest of those explanations was from a guy (with his tongue firmly in the cheek) who speculates that Materazzi had a crush on Zidane, and asked him to "give a head" which Zidane took too literally. Don't discount this theory, because Materazzi pinched the frenchman's nipples minutes before he got rammed.

For days before the game the newspapers were filled with reports about the English crying hoarse over Ronaldo's "ungentlemanly" conduct. The tiny island with the highest density of hooligans in the world, was suddenly outraged by a wink. I bet they still think their ridiculously overvalued team would have walked away with the world cup if Ronaldo had not had those two words with the ref. Zidane, thanks for the headbutt. If nothing, it atleast shut those Englishmen up.

I am fanatic. Don't expect reason from me. For me, the man with that mysterious monk-like serenity just got a little more enigmatic. For me, Zidane is right up there, one tiny step behind the Maardonas.

Other random world cup notes

* South Koreans with blonde hair look ridiculous
* Nedved went home too soon
* The best fans award at our pub goes to the Irish waiters, who joined us in supporting Ghana. Close runners up were the French girls who cried at the end of the finals.


Jax said...

Balls to all who say Zidane fell from grace. He is still God. Too bad that his team and I lost and I have to treat a bunch of Italian fans tonight x(

The joke here is that Materazzi asked Zidane "Log Chlormint kyon khaate hain". Zizu headbutted him and said "Doobara mat poochna!"

Swathi Sambhani aka Chimera said...

thanx to this incident i increased my GK 'bout FIFA

Deepak said...

jax: hahah. Materazzi probably also made the hand gesture that means "Eat" in indian, but "What the f***" in Italian" ;-)

swathi: Huge leap. Thats like me enjoying shopping.