Monday, July 07, 2008

Item #19

They say that if you never lose at anything, you are probably playing ping pong with a 4yr old. It might sound like an irritating positive spiel, but I think It's a good sign if you suck at a few things. It probably means that you are challenging yourself. I do confront my own mediocrity quite often, and I've grown to even accept it once in a while. Yeah! Occasional mediocrity's cool. But every Sunday I come face to face with downright incompetence. My salsa class! I pay 1500 Rs to a guy who asks me to send my rib cage, spine, arms and legs on radically different journeys for the first 7 counts and assemble them back on 8, all the while making me watch my own reflections on 4 dozen mirrors. I pay 1500 Rs to have my self-esteem sucked out of me, one portion at a time.


Kavs said...

That's cool D! Both A and I suck at dance (any form). Hope you inspire us!

Deepak said...

My cynicism apart, salsa is a lot of fun. you should go for it girl!