Thursday, September 11, 2008

God doesn't play dice

N calls me his brother from another mother, and I take the title seriously. We even get a little silly and emotional about it at times. N & I booked our cars on the same day. We got adjacent even numbers on the plates. We drove our cars at almost the same time out of the showroom, had the tanks filled at the same pump and even had it blessed by the same Ganesha. Two months ago, a huge jackfruit fell on my car totally mutilating the roof and windshield (and somebody stole the fruit while I was examining the car but that's another tale). And in a conclusive demonstration of the profound order that rules the universe, this morning, a coconut landed on N's car. His turn to hurt and mine to see the funny side of the story that he kept trying to make me witness.


Swathi Sambhani aka Chimera said...

is this for real? i mean tum dono bichede hue judwa bhai to nahi :))

Anonymous said...

hehe..where's the bachpan ka gana and the the trishul tatoo :D, sorry bout the car though

Deepak said...

@chimera: If one word is untrue strike me dead :).

@directions: What'd you know! we do have a bachpan ka gana; it's a Buffalo Springfield song :)