Saturday, December 26, 2009


The only thing wrong with Avatar was the Pandora horse. What are the chances that in a distant planet, evolution would have thrown up another equine beast of burden that looked exactly like our own horses but had two bonus appendages? There was some shoddy lack of creativity there.

I start my review of Avatar with that nitpicking because I want to deliberately temper my absolute infatuation for this movie. With most good movies I walk out of the hall and get rudely jolted back to real life when I walk out of the exits (which for some reason, are universally grimy and non-slick) . With Avatar, however, a full three days have elapsed and I've still not been jolted out. I wanted to gush over how brilliant an allegory it is for harmonious living and for current state of international politics, the wars in particular, but most of what I wanted to say are covered by three other commentators/reviewers that I happened to read; Ebert, Berardinelli and Kunstler. I won't repeat them. What does merit repetition is my strongest recommendation to go watch it.

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Shreeni said...

Agreed. Good movie. And your thoughts on its drawing focus on current state of political affairs and wars was something that clearly stuck me too when I was watching it last night.

In fact, I feel downright pessimist. If we can't take care of our own planet and its inhabitants, what chance do we stand of making good the resources and inhabitants in a different planet?

BTW, on the Pandora-horse matter, I feel that the focus of the film was on the Ikrans and the heart-to-heart connectivity with the animals. The horse was just a slip. :-)