Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lost and Found

I forgot my bag in a crowded part of Cubbon Park for close to a couple of hours, and found it right there when I came back looking for it. Here are some theories
* The dull green colour served to camouflage it.
* People's paranoia about unattended luggage ensured that nobody ventured near it.
* The park was so crowded that there was always someone near it, and hence people didn't realize it was unattended.
* Maybe my pessimism about people is unfounded.
* The universe was feeling extra benevolent to me.


VictorTango said...

sometimes people's callousness surprises me...government and civic bodies can cry themselves hoarse by telling people to be careful and report unattended objects but people don't care

Unknown said...

All of the above...

Deepak said...

@VictorTango: It's the SEP field!
@Hallidude: most likely, eh?