Thursday, May 13, 2010

Masinagudi again

I visited Masinagudi for the fourth time. Thinking about the other times I've been there almost made me shake my head in disbelief about how different life turns out from what you imagine. It would have felt like four different births if I hadn't chronicled one of them right here on this blog. But some things don't really change. The wildlife still looks very healthy


This black mongrel called Goonda still stands sentry at Jungle Retreat.


...and this weird tea maker that you will not find any where else but in Tamil Nadu still rules.



nmulki said...

Have you gone to the Kenneth Anderson Man Eater spot a little off Masinagudi? Its a truly remarkable spot. Its one place where you'll truly experience the haunting quote which is ' You might have never seen a Tiger, but a tiger has surely seen you'.

Deepak said...

No haven't been there. Would have been fun to go there. Except that these days I pretend to not know who Kenneth Anderson is. That is to make up for all the enjoyment I once derived from his hunting stories.

SeePearrl said...

ok...nice pics..goin there tom on office trip..!