Friday, October 01, 2010

Kwaheri Tanzania

Today is my last day in Tanzania. I dine with an American of desi descent and a Bangladeshi from Texas. One of the highlights of this trip is that despite traveling alone I've not had more than a couple of meals by myself. Despite meeting all those people over various lunches and dinners this was the first time I was in desi company and we use the opportunity for some self-effacing desi ribbing. We joke about Kilimanjaro being the only Patel-point without Indians in the crowd. In fact, I was probably the only climber with an Indian passport atop the peak over the 7 days that we were there.
Reliving all the moments from the trip I realize that I've already wrapped my experiences in the finest dreamy shrink-wrap that I reserve for my best memories. They deserve it too; I've had 15 days of endless activity with not a minute of boredom, seen fantastic visuals, photographed 50 new species of birds, had encounters with the some of the most charismatic megafauna on earth, experienced good health including, and this is underrated, timely and regular bowel movements, met lots of interesting new people, made a few friends...Every thing I could have asked for on a trip like this. A lot to say Asante for!

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