Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coke Studio

I have my own secret list of seven reasons why we should reunite with Pakistan which so far read like this
7. The Wagah gates could use a break from the slamming
6. K2
5. We wouldn't nuke ourselves, would we?
4. It will make Kashmiri separationists look awfully silly
3. We'll access that endless supply of uncannily gifted fast bowlers
To this list, I now add "2. Coke Studio". Coke Studio is a Pakistani TV show in which music artistes of different genres perform to produce some of the freshest sounds I've heard. I especially have been obsessed with Zeb and Haniya.
One more solid reason and we can have our own little "Tear Down This Wall, Mr.Gorbachev".


Kavs said...

A few weeks ago, A and I were in a heated argument about whether the partition was a good thing in hindsight...

Unknown said...

Zeb and Haniya on NPR

Deepak said...

@K I'm curious, what side was A on?

Kavs said...

he thinks it was a good thing!

AB said...

And from the Horse's mouth... yes I was (and am). I like your points .. however the liability side still wins in my balance.