Thursday, March 05, 2015

Running in 2014

There's one aspect of 2014 that was very satisfying, and that was my running mileage. I fell short of the 1000km target I had set for myself, but 855 was a still a big improvement over the last couple of years. Credit goes to the following
* Smart phones and exercise tracking apps. For a dataphile like me graphs like the one above are hugely motivating.
* Bangalore weather: In what other city in India can you stick to the same running regimen and routine all through the year?
* Trail races: There are some fantastic trails around Bangalore, or at a short driving distance from here, and some firms that have sprung up and nailed the art of organizing a good foot race. The Kaveri Trail Marathon, Auroville, Bangalore Ultra are all pilgrimages for runners.

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