Monday, February 06, 2006

the "save the earth" tag

Do everything mentioned here..
* Avoid using polythene bags, humvees and nuclear weapons of all kinds. Trust me on the plastic bags. Its damn easy to refuse them.
* Turn veggie. 7 pounds of grain are needed to make a pound of beef! Stick to poultry if you need meat while you sip on Old Monk rum.
* Kill as many chinese medicine men as possible. The points you accumulate can be encashed for virgins in heaven. (That was a sad bait, but I've heard people still fall for that). Rule applies for Jap whalers too.
* You don't have to turn Amish or Hasidim, but there are some simple restraints that can help too. Turn down the room heater for instance. Most of the times sweaters do the job just as well.
* Make less childrens I say!

I'm yet to do the math on Toilet Paper vs Water. Results later.


Jax said...

Hehe..Chinese medicine men! Does that include Tiger Balm exported to australia, malaysia, singapore etc?:D
But yeah man. Plastic bags should be banned.

Deepak said...

dude thats Gopal Hallu Pudi you are talking about :-)