Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I want ban on thermal underwear

Now that my tickets are booked and my trip back home is sniffing distance away, it feels not so unhealthy to become homesick. I realise how much I miss my folks, friends, filter coffee, masala dosas, pani puri and all. Ah hell, I never thought I'd say this, even uppittu! Besides, I need a break from
° the animal feed that I cook and pretend is food.
° the crummy furniture; especially the one chair that now sits in the farthest corner of the living room because it still reeks of Rajat Wagle's* hair oil.
° the godawful smell in our air-tight corridor during dinner time; mixture of aromas from one north indian, a vietnamese, an east european and two south indian kitchens.
° the tamilian neighbour who even now starts looking for the coin she never dropped when I enter her peripheral vision.
° sleep walking in the cold to catch the 6:40 train.
° monthly sunshine quotas of 60 hours.
° Sawa's squealing laughter in the train that makes you wish there was no humour in the world.
° the laundromat socialising.
° watching movies alone because my potential companions would rather save that money and watch seven and a half movies in India.

There! that felt good. Now I can't wait to go home and whine about the pollution and the mosquitoes and the crowds and the dirt. Its exactly this kind of pessimism that'll kill me in 2036.

* Name changed to prevent the kind of sticky situation I once found myself in, when another protagonist stumbled upon this page while ego-surfing. Sooner or later everyone does google his/her own name.


Crouching Tigress said...

Hahaha! And I am sure I sound worse than Sawa

Jax said...

Rajat Wagle Hehe...If this good sense had prevailed the last time, the world would have got to read one more hilarious post ;)

Swathi Sambhani aka Chimera said...

i had a brief visit to Antwerp - lovely place, gotta come back n check it out...

Deepak said...

@Searchinfo...: trust me ! YOU CAN'T :-)

@jax: hilarious? I had felt like a jerk. Is it too late to apologize to Aman Srivatsav ?;-)

@swathi: Don't miss
the Meir
and the Cathedral

L*J said...

Thank god you didnt say ban on underwears!
Anyways welgum back to India, the land of honey, milk and only original movies!

Mani said...

your post brought back nostalgic memories of the mosquito bites @ chatrapati intl airport in mumbai couple of years back. I refused to shoo away the moquitoes happily allowing them to feast on my blood ;-)

Deepak said...

@LJ : hehe I have nothing against normal underwears. Now why would we have this conversation? :-?

@Shady: Aren't you a vampire's delight?