Monday, April 16, 2007

4 months

Before the first interview, I remember looking at the tie and saying "You dirty colonial relic. I ain't got no use for you". Sure enough the first question I faced was "Why aren't you wearing a tie? Are you trying to make a statement?" Another guy added "It's not even all that hot!". I mumbled something and said "I'm definitely not making a statement". For the rest of the interview three guys distracted me with mindless questions while I preoccupied myself with coming up with clever retorts to that tie question. Esprit d'escalier!
Three months later, I have to attend another interview. It's the hottest goddamn day of the year and I decide to wear a tie. The minute I walk in to the room, my interviewer shows up in a T-shirt and says "You can loosen up your tie, I don't want this to get too formal". I just can't seem to get it right. But here's a useful tip for survival in a phoney world "It's better to be overdressed than under-dressed".

That's what I've been up to. Interviews. Crossing fingers and toes. And hoping against hope. Meanwhile life's been in an extremely uncomfortable state of suspension. I've hit the most formidable fork in the road and it's not my prerogative to pick it up. My nerves have frayed. Trying to be prepared for the worst seems to have made me a chronic pessimist. 8 Floyds. I've begun to question my attitudes too often; like yesterday while J and I were sipping tea from dirty cups in a dhaba I asked "When did I become so unspontaneous?". At least a dozen of those every day. I long to find the much celebrated aaha-moments; 40 second free-falls, Coming back to Life or when S finally arrived. Now, half my sentences begin with "If ...". And that is why this site was shut down too. This evening I realized something. I'm never blogging when I'm taking my life too seriously. I don't know if that's a genuine correlation or just another of my stupid superstitions, but several voices in my head and one outside convinced me that I should start crapping in public domain once again. To the latter, probably my last remaining reader, this post is for you.


Swathi Sambhani aka Chimera said...

yipeeeeeeee, u r back, 'am soooooo happy.
well this public domain sure does give some relief, been missing reading ur blog, is the reason good enuf?

i desperately feel like telling u all the tides change and all that sort of thing, but on second thoughts, i know u have it in you to make it's just round the corner.

Jax said...

Welcome back bro! I heard in some audiobook that it is best to blog when you are not feeling your best. Makes you think dissociatedly and reduce the pain.

Deepak said...

TWO comments . that's cool.

@ chimera: That's definitely a solid enough reason!

@jax: and I don't have that audiobook. cheating!

Kavs said...

:)Good that you are back!! You took so long! Jax, Hi to you too! Please don't mind if I use the blogger like Orkut, but I like connecting this way better than the scraps.