Monday, April 23, 2007

Matte finish please

Completely agree with Chimera on this. I never really understood the reason for those raised doors and walls in western-style toilets. I'll admit they make good props in thriller movies, when you know the victim is in one of the chambers and the serial killer tugs on your nerves as he slowly goes about peeping through the gaps (The killer always starts looking from the wrong end but that's not really his fault). In real life these kinda toilets serve no useful purpose if you ask me. In my previous place of work, they had compounded the inconvenience by laying mirror-finish tiles on the floor. As a result, you had to take extra care not to look down to the sides lest you end up making eye contact with your neighbour's reflection. It's a very sticky social situation, one that not many of us are trained to handle. If you smile, it's plain silly. If you don't it's rude. Either way, the picture sticks in your mind for way too long. Moreover, since you've lost your anonymity you feel compelled to put on your best behaviour. That's not really an ideal environment for crapping.
I vote for a little more privacy.


Kavs said...


Swathi Sambhani aka Chimera said...

haahaa , i totally agree, whatz the funda with these toilets and it is not as if they are preserving the forests since the houses here are entirely made of wood.
this sentence had me rofl 'It's a very sticky social situation, one that none of us are trained to handle. ' :)

Anonymous said...

hahha !! Sticky indeeded!! hhhahahhah!! The gelf born mallu is so hahpyy !!

Anonymous said...

rofl.. luckily it hasnt happned yet and now you have added another phobia to my list..welcome back and do you need a tag? :D i jsut did one ;)

Deepak said...

kavs and Gelf Mallu. welcome back. Long time!

disha. I'll pick up the tag right away.