Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Do** of the month - Sri Ramachandra Gowda

It's heartrending to watch the aerial shots of the flood-hit areas in north karnataka played over and over again on the 24-hr news channels. You've heard all sorts of explanations on why something like this could happen; from bad karma to ill-managed large dams to climate change. But what do the plebians understand! Our ministers, on the other hand, are on top of it. Our dear minister Sri. Ramachandra Gowda proved it when he succinctly expressed who has to be blamed for this calamity. I'm not making this up, but he really insists that our astrologers got us into this mess by not predicting it!

I tried to dig up dirt from this dude's past. He seems to have started flubbing rather early in life. When he was leading a Goan liberation movement, they asked him to coin a snappy little chantable slogan and he came up with one that romped into the wordsmith hall of fame: "Nehruji Ab kya kare – Police lekar Goa chalo". He was later rewarded for his wonderful scientific temper when he was handed over the Ministry of Science and Technology! Which, I'm guessing, he promptly handed over to his court astrologer. Sleep well folks, this country is in safe hands.


sreekanth said...

Absolutely.Cant agree more with you on this one--Ridiculous as he always is.
But having met this guy personally when i was in Bangalore .Met this guy long long ago for some activiy my school wanted him to attend for which he refused because of some lame reasons.He used to stay in Seshadripuram then.
I am not at all surprised about his amazing conclusion that Astrology must have helped the
Govt.God save us and more importantly People who still have hope on BJP folks!
Wonder how such guys really sustain themselves and maintain their consistency even after so many year!

vineet vinod said...

I wonder whom shall we blame for this wonderful attitude he has!!
I wish the astrologers could predict it!