Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Diwali

53 cases of eye injuries in Hyderabad.
Two buses burn in Orissa
Six firemen choke to death in Thane
32 killed in firecracker godown blaze
70 burn cases in Delhi
An average of 10 cases of cracker-related eye injuries in Bangalore hospitals

Litter strewn roads.
Toxic fumes. Untested chemicals released in the air.
Scared pets.

A few reasons why Diwali is my least favorite festival.

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vineet vinod said...

..and think of the wastage of money :(... It motivates me to disbelieve what my school teachers had taught me about the motive behind celebrating this festival. "Diwali is the celebration of victory over darkness etc etc".. By the end of every diwali, i see hundreds of people getting lost in darkness.