Sunday, January 01, 2006


Happy new year to all the readers. I mean to both of you ;-)

Must say my new year's eve was pretty eventful. I planned to 'warm up' for the evening with what has become an obsession to me these days, ice-skating. The plan went tragically wrong when I fell into a little puddle at the edge of the rink and got my already inadequate winter clothing wet. I was trying the dangerous and difficult maneouver, stopping! Spent the next couple of hours next to a metal basket of hot coal while watching amateur bands play some rock music. Just before midnight I went to the banks of the river Schelde to witness the famous fireworks. While waiting for the fireworks to begin, I spent a dangerously pensive half hour resisting the urge to retrospect on a confusing past year. Instead I distracted myself with thoughts on issues that really mattered in the cosmic scheme of things (like will my shivering stop? Will I make it home alive?). Funnily amidst the sea of humanity (tens of thousands of people had gathered there) and in the middle of the spectacular fireworks that had even the most pathetically drunk folks in the crowd completely captivated, I had my first ever attack of home-sickness. In the few minutes that it lasted, I suddenly wanted to be in bangalore, even if it meant to stay at home and watch the stupid new year specials on Zee TV with the folks. A conclusive proof of the home-sickness was that I accosted a bunch of desis that I saw at the place and made conversation.Watched some figure-skating displays before getting back home. The journey was slowed down by the crowds that poured out of the pubs and eagerly wished everybody a 'gelukkig nieuw jaar' ( atleast the ones that didn't collapse on the pavements). And in what is turning out to be a creepy ritual; I spent my first few minutes at home almost devotionally attached to my room heater till my blood thawed. I desperately need to do some shopping!

some pictures.


Tin Tin said...
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Tin Tin said...

WoW! 2 readers is more than I can say about mine ;p. Looks like you really 'chilled'.. Actually reminds me of that tom and jerry episode where jerry's curing tom of the measles and he gives him an ice bath and then bakes him and.. Happy new year!

L*J said...

Hosa WuRshada Shubhashayagalu
Nimmajji u want to come all the way to Bengaluru, to sit at home?

Jax said...

Happy new year buddy!! (You have a third reader!!) Was it you who messaged me on my cell?

I was at home this new years after a span of about 10 years. I felt home-sick too.

Deepak said...

@tin tin: happy new year to you too!

@LJ: In my defence, my brain was frozen :-D

@Jax: Wasn't me who messaged dude. FINALLY, you know what it means to spend quality time with the family ;-)