Saturday, January 14, 2006


Buana : "Charlie, what the hell happened there?"
Charles: "What? Where?"
Buana: "Come'on, you know it! You were hitting on I.S."
Charles: (with a sheepish grin) "So were you"
Buana: "But you are just back from your honeymoon. Up to a year after my wedding, I wouldn't have noticed if Helen of Troy walked past me naked"
Charles: "In my case I've been living with my girlfriend for 6 years. The only thing that changed after the wedding was that we can now interchange our cars and the insurance will still be valid"
D: (tongue in cheek) "You better be careful though! You have a lawyer-wife"
Charles: (points to the parapet on which they are sitting) "I tell you its the wailing wall; It brings out the worst in me. By the way, she seemed to be interested in you D. She went overboard to accomodate you in the conversation. Did you notice she answered all the dutch questions in English?"
D: "Now don't shift the spotlight. The topic is still Charles' shallowness. You seemed rather interested in the African girls too at lunch today."
Bauna: "Charlie has no chance with the African girls. The Wildebeest has them in his sights. But Isabel..."
Charles: "Come off it guys. Didn't you see all the other guys that were congregating around her? Face it fellas, women control us. Forget all that shit about penis-envy and them being being the weaker sex" (winks)
D: "I always knew it. Sigmund de FRAUD"


L*J said...

Oops and he cracked the code :O :D

Deepak said...

LJ : yup can't even ignore perverts! :-)

Anonymous said...

charles ziegler??????

Deepak said...

eh, what?