Sunday, January 08, 2006


I saw this ad for an sms horoscope service that tells you what you can expect for the day, for a modest price of 70 cents. Three years ago I would have spewed venom at the kind of people who would spend 37 Rs for a shitty generalisation! But recently I have grown a tolerance towards astrology for the following reasons...
1. A knowledge of the zodiac signs is important (almost as important as reading the Da Vinci code) to be socially accepted in youth circles of 21st century urban India. In fact, my ignorance in that respect, I think, is an important factor in my embarassingly low success rate with the oppoite sex.
2. Star Signs, someone once told me, are a good way to remember peoples' birthdays.
3. They are also important conversation and ice-breaking tools. This was my first conversation with P..
P: Hi. When's your birthday?
Me: September 8th
P: Oh you are a virgo? I HATE virgos!!
Me: (the blank look that usually accompanies moments when crisp retorts desert you)
4. Most importantly I believe astrology is a great art! No, I don't believe that the stars actually influence our lives, but I have great respect for people who can cut the world's population into 12 equal parts and compose drivel that makes each of the 6 billion people go 'Its SO true'. It's not easy! My mom and her twin were born just 2 minutes apart (btw, its their birthday today. happy 50th, ladies!) and I can't think of ONE common thing between them except that they are both flat-footed. On the other hand, Linda Goodman can write hundreds of pages accurately describing you (and the 499,999,999 other people that you share your zodiac sign with) simply based on the month you were born. That's rhetoric genius! They just seem to instictively know exactly what you want to hear. Notice how even the 'criticism' is designed to tug at your vanity, "Your perfectionist instincts can annoy people" or "You can hurt people with your brutal frankness". See that's smart! Show me a person who doesn't think he/she is frank and I'll show you a man who thinks he is NOT a good driver! And then there are things that seem like criticisms but are actually not-so-thinly-veiled compliments, like "You are an underachiever". Brilliant! Even Larry Page I'm sure believes he can achieve more. Remember even Oskar Schindler was dissatisifed that he saved only a thousand lives.
In the end, maybe the 70 cents is money well spent after all. Or maybe not. Ah hell! I can't decide. Indecisiveness - that's so typical Virgo!


Gunds said...
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Gunds said...

Man, If I were you, I would've instantly retorted, "Lucky you!!!My seventh senses tell me that you did'nt/wont marry a virgo!!(Hoping the guy knows that Virgo stands for a Virgin :D) Thats what I call ASAP - As Sarcastic As Possible!!!

P.S:I deleted the last post due to some typo errors :D

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it! So cancerians love the green stuff.. Like everyone else in the world is Alfred E Neuman going "What me worry?" Im plannin my own take on the *s soon!


Jax said...

@Gunds - Sakhat Kharaaaab aagithu. Yakhhthooo!! Hehe

@Rajannavru - Bombat post kaNla.. I hate Virgos too!:D

Deepak said...

@ gunds: man I have to agree with jax, that really was a bad one. :-) (like the ones that usually precede most ILikeItAahs) hehe

@ Nuttee: looking forward to that one!

@jax: nimmajjinabadiya Shenoyavare!

Gunds said...

@loppers(Jax,Depps)- OMK boys !!! Gud respect you gave!!! Jax, hope this new year gets you more male friends on Orkut and Depps, hope you run out of Pathak's pickles when you need them the most :D

Tin Tin said...

Hey..belated wishes to ur mother! Pretty kewl that she has a twin. nam appanoo by 2 :D. And Jax just taught me how to kyakhars in english!

Deepak said...

@gunds: thats actually a bone-chillingly grave shaapa :-)

@tintin: 'khyakars' is WAY better man!