Sunday, January 02, 2005

2005. Welcome!

New year's eve! I hate the pressure of a milestone. And I hate the pressure of beginning with a clean slate.

We welcomed the new year at Sapna bar in Yeshwantpur, over cold rum and warm beer, and shayari by Nadeem, the special guest for the day. After that we drove to a party thrown by one of the hyperactive girls that Jax met at orkut. There was no entry criteria but if you smoked like a chimney and drank like a piece of parched land then you could blend in more easily. I felt out of place just 10 minutes into the party. I slithered out.

On the evening of the first of January I met Jax and Alak. We made our resolutions. Jax and Alak vowed to reduce their weights to 70 and 55 respectively. I took up a more serious resolution. I aimed to make atleast 3 new friends by the end of this year. The kind of friends you don't need to call up before visiting.

The other two main highlights of my resolution list are
2. To learn a new instrument (probably the harmonica)
3. To learn a new language (perennial entry in my resolution list!)

The Skinny Alley concert that we attended inspired me further about taking up my second resolution with greater ardour. The way musicians smile at each other during a live show is for me the biggest motivation to learn an instrument. The smile has so much mysterious contentment. An understanding of senses that we mortals can't seemingly comprehend. I don't want to be deprived of that kick any longer.


Cori said...

Found your blog after you left a comment on mine. As a musician, yeah, it's a whole different level of communication. (of course, sometimes those smiles are really grimaces) Good luck with your resoutions. Learning a new instrument is like making a new friend. Funny, I've had "learn Spanish" on my list for about 10 years. It's coming along. slowly. we Americans are not encouraged to learn more than English in our formal schooling.
or is the Queen's spelling "schouling"? (just kidding)

Angel said...

sometimes that mysterious smile may mean, "Oh, dear I'm doing this all wrong..dude, u think these dimwits will notice?!"
that said, I think learning an instrument adds to your personality and makes you a little more disciplined.
Good luck with the harmonica!!

Deepak said...