Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Catch up

An internal survey among the members of the UVCE tronics gang revealed that there are more consumers of the water from the river Thames than of any other water body in the world. No, that was a lie, but my point here is that the UVCE tronix diaspora is really spreading its wings and making it's presence felt on all the continents of the world, save 4 or 5. And the couple of us who are stuck in Bangalore find that exclusivity is thrust upon us. *WE* are suddenly the ones in the exotic place.

Growing up in the Indian middle class, I'm hardwired to stay in the herd. My first urge is to play catch up. The idea is to ensure that your resume of life looks as identical to your peers' as possible. Right now, I realise, mine looks too koopamandookish. I watch all these guys fly off to distant places and I begin to question my own inadequacies. I want to do all the cool things that everybody else is doing. I want to be able to start sentences with the words "When I was in the bay area...". But most of all, I want to dirty the waters of the proverbial Thames.


nagu (ನಾಗು) said...

koopamandookish, it seems.. haha. btw, you're not missing much buddy.

Deepak said...

Hey traakers. how'y been?

I will be in london next week to give some training. Just three days. just long enough to wash you-know-what in thames :-)

Anonymous said...

shit means bro. ice skating and all. totally chindi. where u went off?

p.s. happy new year to u too.