Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The noise

You know how they tell you that our land is 'saare jahaan se accha'?
And they tell you about the decadence of western civilisation, the loose morals and all?

Read this.
Just now, if any freakin' guy tries to tell me that my culture is superior, the nearest shovable thing goes up you know what. I feel that familiar mixture of helplessness and rage and shame and sense of dirtiness.

Shady, thanks for the link. Here's my share of the noise.


Kavs said...

No female, I mean NO FEMALE escapes this. Be it a metro like Mumbai or a town like Bidar, she gets the same treatment. :-(

Deepak said...

I'm not being naive or anything, but I for sure tell lots of guys don't know that!