Thursday, October 19, 2006

Meet Goobe

Meet Goobe. A cat who until recently was an uninvited guest in our balcony. He used to hang around there at night, and take flight as soon as we opened the door.

Meet my sis. She has held snakes in her hand but she is completely scared of butterflies and moths. Scared enough to cry when a hapless butterfly happens to get into the house.

Last week, Goobe won himself a lifelong devotee when he jumped up acrobatically and caught a moth. He now gets food and drink on the house, and also has a cozy little mat for himself to sleep on.


Anonymous said...

gobble looks cute and it seems like you are enjoying yourself back in india! sounds like fun..home is home!

Crouching Tigress said...

Goobe mundede!

Oops, I just HAD to say that!

Viky said...


bekkna goobe annoda? heh heh

Kavs said...

Alas, I couldnt meet Goobe. But I am so glad I met your sis! :-)

Tin Tin said...

I read a book by this man called Leland L. Beck - so a cat with a name like goobe doesnt surprise me..