Saturday, December 23, 2006

This was a blog that I really used to enjoy. The author waged wars against a wide variety of irritants - traffic, dentists northies, you name it- and it was therapeutic just to read it. It was nice to know that someone else was feeling the angst on my behalf. It's comforting ; kinda like having a messiah who dies for my sins. But lately, Dr. Pissed seems to have made his peace with the world and the posts have dried up. So I have to do my own cribbing now. Here are some things that piss me off on a regular basis.

Have you noticed these really chummy pairs of bike riders? The kind that feel obligated by some ridiculous social etiquette to ride along next to each other. It's bad enough that they slow me down completely, but what really aggravates me is that while they are doing this they are also obeying the rules of polite conversation, you know, like making occasional eye contact and all. These days, with the helmet rule in place, they can't really have a very meaningful conversation while they are riding, so they have to scream out the words, and have to slow down further. Yet they persist. Turd-brains!

Someone ask Ravi Shastri to shut up. I know magic-eight-balls which had more things to say. "That's just what the doctor ordered" . "That went like a tracer bullet". What the f*** is a tracer bullet anyway!

(These are not completely my words, but they are exactly my thoughts.)
Respect your religion? Firstly, you ask for submission and not respect, so screw you. Next, even if you mean respect, I have no obligation to RESPECT your religion. I respect your right to follow it, but I refuse to respect your/any religion. You don't see me asking you to respect atheism. Stop pissing me off.


Anonymous said...

ahh ..i goaded you into returning I see..a question are you at driving in india now? I am at home at the moment and am enjoying it but unfortunately know several people who say they just cannot drive anymore!

Anonymous said...

This is uncanny man! I was just going to write about tandem-riders and how they piss me off so bad. They should all just get a room or something if they love each other so much.

Dr.Pissed is in Australia doing his masters in film making I heard.

Anonymous said...

heard that Richard Dawkins have asked atheists of the world to unite, wanna give it a try?

it is not uncanny, it is just a manifestation of 'great men think alike' syndrome :)