Monday, May 19, 2008

The anandrao circle newspapaperman

We bangaloreans are given to a lot of nostalgia constipation. We just cannot stop ranting about how Bangalore has changed so unrecognizably. As a consequence we really cling on to those few things that have remained constant. For instance, even the rudeness of the waiter at MTR makes us all emotional. One character who has stayed on unchanged continuously for at least the last 25 years is our newspaperman on Anandrao circle. He still insists on calling out the "breaking news" in his high-pitch excited voice. He has lost all his teeth and you can bearly understand his words, but he still manages to evoke curiosity. He's probably the last of his kind.


Kavs said...

Hey Deppe! Good to see you back! Where were you all this while?
All your recent posts are typical Deppeish. :) Loved them.

Deepak said...

Thanks kavs. Good to know you are still around reading this page. I'm wondering if you are the only one :D