Thursday, August 06, 2009

I hate goodbyes

The two cutest creatures on this side of the Atlantic are now on that side. And they leave behind half-empty cupboards, at least one swollen chest, a redundant portrait lens, orphaned cosmetics, three sheets of perforated paper that carry an indescribable innocence, a demotivated chef and a lot of momentousness. All the best folks! Let this be the start of something big.


Shreeni said...

Is that your sister off to her higher studies? All the best to her.

Shekhar said...


Kavs said...

All the best to P.
Ditto here. Just said good-bye to a suddenly all-grown up lil sister, hidden behind three huge suitcases.
Needless to say, my parent's house is almost empty and we just wonder where did all those years go..

Deepak said...

@Shreeni Yessir. One of them is
@Kavs: All the best to K3. Where's she off to?