Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who's blind?

Bank Executive: Ma'am, I'll need your visiting card along with your payslips.
R: (hands it over) here you go.
Exec: Can I have another one?
R: How many do you need?
Exec: I need a proper one, this one has holes.
R: That's my name and number in braille.
Exec: I don't know that ma'am. I want something without holes.

R & I have alternately laughed and felt outrage at the executive's ignorance. From today, after we used that anecdote to good effect in delivering a difficult presentation, we feel nothing for above bank executive except gratitude.


Kavs said...

I recently felt some tiny dots protuding on an otherwise smooth surface which displays some office layout and wondered why they are there. I was thankful I figured it out without needing to ask anybody abt it.

Deepak said...

@kavs :)