Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 7 - Back to Moshi

Day7 - Before The Song And Dance
The descent down the east face of the mountain is about as boring as it gets, especially after the fantastic views that the rest of the Machame route threw at us. There's nothing much I have to say about the trail, but the highlight for the day was the song and dance that we had with the staff this morning after breakfast.

If days 1 to 6 were all about conquering the peak, day 7 was about hurtling down the hill as fast as I could so that I could hit the shower and be human again. The afternoon was dedicated to reliving the memories from the trip. Everybody's experience of the journey is different. Everybody's experience is the same. There was a lot of joy to have made it to the top. There was a lot of happiness to be back in civilization.

We - Warren, Kea gang and I, apart from a few other folks we met on the trek - decided to celebrate our success by spending time together tasting the night life of Moshi. We hit a club called Glacier that employs the absolute worst DJ in the world. He played a mix of songs that had no business being together. He would stop the songs at the oddest places, forcing the dancers to pause mid-air, look around embarrassed, and then untangle themselves from the dance moves they had been forced to pause in. But no incompetent DJ could dampen our spirits. We laughed and smiled and danced and sang, and we knew, whether we meet again or not, we were never going to forget each other or the seven days we spent together


Swathi Sambhani aka Chimera said...

"Everybody's experience of the journey is different. Everybody's experience is the same. "
best lines of your trip.

Kavs said...

Congratulations once again D! Your travelogue made it easy to imagine the climb (at least in parts)and the huge sense of achievement and relief.

Deepak said...

@S & K: Thanks

Shreeni said...

Yay! Another photo with Deppe's smiling face. I feel blessed. :-)