Sunday, June 19, 2011

The big R gets it right, finally!

My dad has his share of idiosyncrasies. He's got an absurd hatred for coughing. Although his mode of rebuke for non-compliance of the no-coughing rule was nothing but a frown-n-stare, I clearly remember a time in my childhood when I was actually scared of coughing when he was around. I probably still carry residues of that fear.

His other spoilsporty behavior comes from his almost irrational paranoia of water and its hidden dangers. He has a dire warning prepared for whenever I am going to a place that has a geographical feature that can hold more than a bucket of water. Yesterday as I was leaving for Bheemeshwari he delivered his usual doomsday address. As always, I shrugged it off and as always, dad hated it. When we reached our destination there was a warning board that adopted the same alarmist tone as my dad. Before I could shrug that one off too, I spotted this 6-footer basking in the water. 

Definitely made my day. My dad's too!


Kavs said...

:D looks like he's easy to please!

Gubsdy++ said...

Apparently, not all dad's forbid thier young ones from taking to water :)

Deepak said...

@K: embarassingly easy :)
@G: I imagine an underwater board that says "Dear crocs, stay away from land"