Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mystery Spot

Mystery Spot is an area in California where the rules of gravity don't hold good. Or so they claim. Knowing that a lot of us are stupid they offer this explanation

"Some speculate that cones of metal were secretly brought here and buried in our earth as guidance systems for their spacecraft. Some think that it is in fact the spacecraft itself burried deep within the ground. Other theories include carbon dioxide permeating from the earth, a hole in the ozone layer, a magma vortex, the highest dielectric biocosmic radiation known anywhere in the world, and radiesthesia. Whatever the cause is, it remains a mystery."

You'd be surprised at how many people actually believe that rubbish! The only mystery there is "What the hell was the architect smoking?". Farce or not, the place is good fun and it does give you a few insights on how your brain works. Here's VA climbing a wall...

...and AJ dodging a bullet.

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Anonymous said...

berry nice...sounds like a fun trip..unfortunately I cannot recommend anything to see in Kansas..ohh and careful with driving on the wrong side of the road..they r wusses here..cannot cope with rule breakers :D