Sunday, October 12, 2008


I've already hollered about this before, but I'm having to rant again about pseudo-french because it is making my life hard. These two are so wide-spread that I am tempted to mispronounce them just to fit in!
1. Warren Buffett's last name is not pronounced like the self-served meal. "Booffay!" sounds like he is a comic-book villain who aims to amass vulgar amounts of money and dominate the world. Hey wait a minute!!
2. Roulette, for some reason is being called "roolay" by a lot of people around me. In Las Vegas, I got condescending looks from my betting partners when I pronounced it the way it should. I assure you, that is why I lost all that money.

And then there is pseudo-greek. Why do the Americans pronounce processes like it rhymes with hypotheses?

While I'm cribbing about it, I must also mention that when the republicans talk about the "Nucular" weapons in "eye-rack" it feels like a fork on porcelain


Kavs said...

:) It's fun to read your rants! How was your Vegas trip apart from the losses? Send pics D.

Deepak said...

Pics from the vegas trip as soon as I transfer them to my comp

Crouching Tigress said...

Or finger in the eye!