Thursday, January 15, 2009


This evening I'm presenting at Ignite. In keeping with my fetish for being a doomsday prophet, my talk is titled "How the world will end, and why we won't do anything about it". The format is quite interesting. You get 5 minutes to talk about anything that you are passionate about. The template for the presentation is to use 20 slides with auto-transition set for 15 secs per slide. I'm speaking on a topic that was inspired by "Collapse" by Jared Diamond. I have modified the slides that I used in the soapbox talk.

While rehearsing this presentation- and you just cannot do a talk like this without rehearsing at least half a dozen times- I realized how ridiculously short 5 minutes are. There is a big risk that for anybody not concerned already about ecology, the content of my talk might come across as an overly simplified case. Then again, in my defence, there's not much impact anybody can do on any topic in 5 mins. Unless you are unfairly gifted like this guy!


Kavs said...

Hi D, how did it go? I am amazed at how you get invoved in so many things! We are just doing home and office routine and growing old!

Deepak said...

I'm still single K. That makes all the difference :)

The presentation was decent. There was still a huge gap between the way it sounded in my head and on the stage. :)

Kavs said...

hehe! That's some consolation. :)