Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Links I'm excited about

Bwana's rockband just got a new website

My partner-in-arms for my world-domination ambitions, S, got a new domain name registered.
Winston Churchill said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried. Even a really popular president, Obama was approved only by 52% of the crowd. That raises the question; have we really exhausted all our options? I can think of one system that we've not tried so far. How about handing over the reins of the world to two arbitrary, albeit capable and willing, guys?

The world needs a lot of help. We first thought of turning to God, but one of us is an atheist, and the other thinks the almighty exists but couldn't care less. We explored several other options before we took it upon ourselves to clean up the mess. We have it all mostly worked out. We have a power-sharing scheme where S will be the supreme commander of the world with special focus on Eurasia, while I take care of (soon-to-be-rechristened) Gondwanaland and also serve as chief advisor. He gets to be the boss, because of his significant height- S is tall enough that his foot and head are usually in very different weather systems- settled the issue in his favor. For all the other details that we haven't yet figured out, read this blog.

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